How To Select An SEO Company

Choosing an SEO company could be one of the most important things you do and could have a positive or negative impact. The positive would be earning profits. The negative would be spending wastefully on a company that does nothing for you.

SEO Experience

Choose an SEO company that has experience working with many clients. Get a list of references; other companies to call who have enjoyed increased sales and interest in part because of the firm they hired for SEO.


How committed is this company to your project or business? Does the team discuss the keywords which will be the most effective on an internet search? The firm should want to know many things about your business or organization. Expect to meet with service providers for a few hours and to be asked many questions about your goals and your business.

Turn the interview around and watch how a professional handles your questions. He should be calm and forthcoming on all points, not hedging or vague in any way.

SEO Results

The problem with SEO is that if the above mentioned interview is not thorough enough, the results of SEO will yield little or nothing. Your business might still improve, but perhaps not as a result of internet searches by potential customers. When you ask customers to tick a box saying where they heard of you, it could very well be that few customers found you online.

To increase the chance that a search will turn up your company and get people interested, SEO teams should be as specific as they can. There is the “local” search which adds key words like a town, state, or region to the search phrase. It takes some imagination to come up with phrases people use when they search, but a lot of people are on the lookout for companies near them.

How to Add SEO Articles to the Web

One way to get SEO articles up and running is to start a blog. This is where a person from a firm or someone hired to write for him composes short pieces about topics relating to the firm’s field. A moving company would write about how to pack goods safely for long-distance travel or international moves. Again, this brings up the chance to be specific, targeting an audience with specialized needs.

Another way to get SEO working is to write short explanations about items on a website. Promote your athletic shoe company by writing a little bit of unique information for every item listed.

How Soon Can You Tell if SEO Is Working?

Your contract with an SEO firm could involve a clause in which performance will be reviewed at certain intervals. You should see an almost immediate change in the number of hits your website gets. The question will be whether or not profits increase as a consequence. Within six months, you should be enjoying increased revenue.

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