Tennessee has one of the fastest growing economies in the US, and in a business world where the internet is more and more important, Tennessee SEO is a hot topic. Rapid growing cities like Knoxville, Memphis, Chattanooga, Jackson, Clarksville, Murfreesboro and the Music City, Nashville, and favorable tax laws have made Tennessee an attractive destination for startups and relocation.

In fact our NashvilleSEO.org team is a perfect example! We relocated from Virginia to Tennessee – right outside of Nashville, in Franklin and Cool Springs area.

Today, NashvilleSEO.org isn’t just the #1 source for Search Engine Optimization and online advertising in Nashville, but it’s the #1 source for SEO in Tennessee, according to the real Google search engines.

But it’s not just Google singing our praises. We have dozens of customers ramping up their business in a big way because of millions of web visitors we’re directing their way.

We give the little guy and gal the advantage to turn the tables and send the big boys with their million dollar SEO budgets sobbing home to mama.

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From basketball coaches, to wedding cake makers, to carpet cleaners…

…And all the way up to some of the biggest businesses in America in industries ranging from investment to health and wellness, we’ve got over 1000 websites ranked #1 for over 20,000 keywords on Google bringing in millions of visitors each year.

I got my start as a small business owner – I opened a game store at the tender age of 22 and before the ink was dry on my lease I realized that if I didn’t get visitors (and repeat visitors!) into my store then I was going to be in for a world of financial hurt!

That’s why I developed the strategy that we apply with NashvilleSEO.org for our customers in Tennessee and across America, where we stress dominating the competition on your way to massive success.

In fact if you check the top listings of Google it’s not surprising to see our sites and our clients sites dominating page 1 for the biggest keywords – in some cases we rank #1 all the way through #10 for a major money keyword.

How do we do it? We have our own special sauce when it comes to getting juicy money-getting rankings month in and month out, and year in and year out…but there’s one thing that you can be sure of, and that’s Google enthusiastically approves of our methods, because our sites rank highly and consistently.

Wherever you are looking for SEO in Tennessee or around the nation we can give you the unstoppable advantage that the big boys wish they had.

Call (615) 601-3969 to get started (And leave a message if I don’t answer! I’ll call you back!)